Fantasy to Reality

Large Natural

I was sitting at home when I heard a knock at the door. I wonder who that could be, I got up and went and answered the door, Standing there was my next door neighbor A Handsome guy I have only fantasized about. He wanted to know if I could give him a ride, his car broke down and he was going to meet someone. I invited him to come in and I would help him figure it out.

We stood there and talked about who he was meeting, and how long he had. I then asked what he thought about me, He admitted to having some fantasies about us. So in my mind I figured I would make them come true, as I slowly started rubbing his shoulder. “I do not know about this, I was going to meet someone else” he said. “It is ok” I assured him slowly lowering my hand. “We have plenty of time and I will give you a ride if you give me a ride” I remarked as I Groped his crotch through his pants.

I started rubbing my hand on it as it got hard, and I was already getting wet. He then gave in and started groping my Large Natural Breasts, I then pulled down my top revealing them as he grabbed my ass. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his large cock, I kneeled down and started sucking it as he stood there. it was so big, and I was so wet. He then proceeded to lie down on the floor as I removed my wet panties and got over the top of him kneeling down as his large cock was inserted into my tight pussy. My breasts bouncing up and down as I rode his cock. He then went behind me as we both lie on the floor sideways and inserted his large Dick into my dripping wet pussy.

“Harder, Harder!” I screeched as we got into rhythm and I was clawing the carpet, he then flipped me onto my back kneeling in front of me as we fucked. “Oh yeah, dont stop!” I exclaimed moaning as I reached Orgasm “Your pussy is so tight, it feels so good, I cannot go much longer” He said as he pounded me. “I want you to cum on my Large natural breasts” I said. “yeah, yeah yeah!” He gasped as he pulled his hard cock out of my Pussy and shot his cum all over my Boobs.

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